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The next generation Open-i® Infrastructure Management products have arrived!

Herndon, VA, Dec 14, 2018– The Open-i® Q-Series units are our most advanced technology platform, ever. The Q-Series brings together the best capabilities in remote alarm monitoring, facility management, power & energy management as well as support for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Open-i® Q-Series, a cyber hardened IoT Border Gateway router, securely integrates legacy device infrastructure seamlessly into IoT platform manager software applications. IMCI’s Open-i® Q Series can bring legacy industrial infrastructure to life in IoT platform managers. The Open-i® can provide data about the health and operational status of connected equipment to IoT platform managers, as well as SNMP-based monitoring platforms such as IMCI’s IRiS.

Jumpstart your IoT platform in minutes with Open-i®, save thousands on integration costs and extend the life of your legacy infrastructure.

Please contact us at 1-877-640-4624 (US & Canada) +1 (703) 467-2970 (Worldwide) or by e-mail at to speak with an IMCI Product Specialist who can provide additional support and information.

About IMCI

For more than 20 years IMCI has offered a remote monitoring and management solution that allows users to aggregate software and hardware from different manufactures, platforms, and languages (protocols). The pioneering, vendor-neutral Open-i Product Family offers the ability to take control of facility equipment, sensors (legacy and IoT), meters, and network elements in buildings, providing the advantage of remotely monitoring and managing physical devices including generators, HVAC, lighting, radios, multiplexers, cameras, antennas, fans, and more from a single, easy-to-navigate, secure web interface.

The Company’s IRiS Management Software is a secure, OS, DBMS and browser-independent, web-based platform enabling the seamless collection, translation, reporting, and dissemination of information from an unlimited number of Open-i’s and their connected sensors, meters, network elements, and facility equipment. IRiS also monitors other vendors’ network elements, security devices, facility equipment, sensors, meters, and infrastructure products that communicate via SNMP.

Customers include Fortune 500 companies, enterprise organizations, private corporations, and government entities in the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.

For more information about IMCI please contact +1 703-467-2970 or via email at

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