About Jeff Snyder

Jeff Snyder

Founder - CyberStratos LLC

(Previous – Vice President, Cyber Programs, Raytheon)

Cyber Committee Memberships

Mr. Snyder has been active on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Cyber Committee, the CANSO ATM Cybersecurity Working Group, the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) Cyber Committee, the White Hat Gala (Cyber) Charity Planning Committee, which he chaired. He has also been a member of the AFCEA Board of Directors, the Association of Old Crows (AOC) Capitol Club Board and is Chairman Emeritus of the WashingtonExec Cyber organization.

Recent Cyber Speaking Engagements and Articles

  • Global Webinar – Cyber Security at the Data Layer
  • Millennium Cyber CISO Conference – Presentation on “Data is the New Perimeter”, Nashville, TN
  • WPAFB Strategy Session - Cyber Threat and Remediation Strategies, Dayton, OH
  • National Defense University Cyber Beacon – Panel on Cyber Resiliency, Washington DC
  • RCTA Global Aviation Conference – Panel to discuss ways to mitigate potential Cyber threats to the continued safety and security of air transportation. Washington DC
  • IEEE TechIgnite Conference- Keynote on Cyber Threat and Remediation Strategies for Critical Infrastructures. San Francisco
  • ICSC Conference – Keynote Speake on Cyber Threat Environment and Remediation Strategies for Critical Infrastructures. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • MILCOM Conference – Panel speaker on “Modernizing the Network” and Cyber implications. Baltimore, MD
  • RSADF Cyber Panel – Cyber threat and remediation strategies for major systems in conjunction with Northeastern University, Boston MA
  • EC-Council CISO Symposium - Keynote Presentation on "Cyber Security, the Next Three Years", Washington, DC
  • Hampton Roads Cyber Conference – Presentation on a Layered Approach to Reduce Cyber Exploitation Risk and Enhance Cyber Resiliency. Hampton, VA
  • Billington Cyber Security Summit - Panel on Best Practices for Implementing the NIST Framework. Washington, DC
  • Billington Cyber Event Supporting OSCE - Cyber Panel supporting the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe. Bethesda, MD
  • ADM Cyber Conference - Panel and Keynote Presentations on System-of-Systems, Interoperable Cyber Solutions, Canberra, Australia
  • NSA/DHS Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense - Panel speaker at invitation-only Executive Leadership Summit, Huntsville, AL
  • RSADF Cyber Panel – Cyber threat and remediation strategies for major systems, Washington, DC
  • ILTA and ALA Cyber Presentation: IT security, compliance, and auditing for Law firms, Washington, DC
  • CALPOLY Cyber Presentation – Cyber industry and technology issues of interest to Faculty and Students, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Bloomberg Next/Edge – An Industry Outlook on Cybersecurity Solutions, McLean, VA
  • AUSA Cyber Hot Topics - Tactical Cyber Considerations (Cyber Support to Corps and Below), Arlington, VA
  • Florida Simulation Summit – Emerging Technologies focused on the Growing Cyber Threat and Remediation Strategies, Orlando, FL
  • Northeastern University – Cyber Threat Environment, Remediation Strategies, and Implications for Academia, Boston, MA
  • NG Security Summit - The DDoS Threat and Mitigation Strategies, San Antonio, TX
  • AFCEA/MIT Lincoln Labs Cyber Event - Cyber Threat Landscape and Cyber Resiliency, Lexington, MA
  • National STEM Forum - Cyber Security Risks and Challenges - National Press Club, Washington, DC
  • SINET IT Security Entrepreneurs Forum – Focus on Cyber and Business in the Federal Marketplace – Mountain View, CA
  • ECEDHA Cyber Presentation – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department Head Association Conference – Focus on Cyber and Academic needs to support industry objectives – Hilton Head
  • Global ATM Congress – Smart Choices in and Interconnected World (with a Cyber Security focus) – Madrid, Spain
  • UKTI Mission Security Mission – Growing Cyber Threats and Effective Mitigation Strategies – Washington, DC
  • NG Security Summit – Growing Cyber Threats Demand Enhanced Mitigation Strategies – Austin, TX
  • Business Higher Education Forum – Cybersecurity Leadership Roundtable: Protecting America across Sectors, Boston, MA
  • CANSO Aviation Cyber Security Working Group – Cyber Training Initiatives to Benefit Global Aviation Infrastructure, Rome, Italy
  • Air Traffic Control Association Conference – Avenues to Better Secure Civil and Military Aviation Infrastructure from the Cyber Threat, Washington, DC
  • CANSO Global Conference – Cyber Threat and Remediation Strategies for Aviation Infrastructure, Dublin, Ireland
  • Eurosatory – Critical Infrastructure Cyber Threat and Mitigation Strategies, Paris, France
  • National Space Symposium Cyber 1.4 – Truths and Myths about Cyber Defense and Offense, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Wharton Aerospace and Technology Conference Cyber Panel - Philadelphia, PA
  • CANSO Aviation Security Working Group (ASWG) - Aviation Cyber Threats and Remediation Strategies - Madrid, Spain
  • GovSec West Conference - Delivering Cyber Resiliency to the Edge - Dallas, TX
  • Gulf Coast Power Association Conference – Keynote on Issues in Cyber Security and Resiliency – Austin, TX
  • Australia Defense Magazine Cyber Conference, Keynote on Cyber Resiliency - Canberra, Australia
  • Reuters Summit - A Cyber Editorial Roundtable – Washington, DC
  • British American Business Association (BABA) - “UK and US Partnership in the Global War against Cyber Terrorism” - Washington, DC
  • American Growth Capital (AGC) InfoSec and Emerging Growth Conference – Panel focused on
  • Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Keynote Presentation - Oak Ridge National Labs
  • City Forum Conference – Strengthening Global Cyber Security, London
  • Article - "Cyber Security for the Modern Age" - The Hill
  • US Chamber of Commerce Cyber Summit, Private-Sector Perspectives on Cybersecurity, Washington, DC
  • Wharton Aerospace and Technology Conference - Cyber Panel on Innovation, San Francisco, CA
  • Foreign Policy Initiative Congress Briefing - "Defending the U.S. Against Growing Global Threats", Washington, DC
  • Space and Missile Technology Committee - Prime Contractor's role in SBIR Cyber success, Huntsville AL
  • AEI Cyber Conference: “Cybersecurity and American Power: Addressing threats to America’s economy and military”, Washington, DC
  • CyberDef - CyberSec Forum - "The cost of security breaches to private companies and nation-states", Paris, France
  • Europe's World Cyber Article: Growing cyber threats demand advanced mitigation methodologies (europesworld.org)
  • Security and Defence Agenda (SDA) Cyber Debate - "Cyber Security: The vexed question of global rules", Brussels
  • Aviation Week 2012 NextGen Ahead Conference Panel - Upgrading the NAS and Cyber Security implications, Washington, DC
  • Bloomberg Cybersecurity Conference - "The increasingly complex network of threats facing public and private enterprises". Manhattan, NY
  • Congressional Cyber Security Summit - "The Cyber Threat and Industry Solutions", Washington, DC
  • American Bar Association Law Conference Cyber Panel, Albuquerque, NM
  • City Forum Conference – Strengthening Global Cyber Security, London
  • Australia Defense Magazine Cyber Presentation, Canberra, Australia
  • Air Traffic Control Association Cyber Panel, Atlantic City, NJ

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