Intelligent monitoring and management of physical and cyber assets in a single common operating picture.

IMCI products provide intelligent monitoring and management of physical and cyber assets. These tools enable our customers to centrally and locally correlate information from multiple sources into one common operational picture.

IMCI Products

Our flagship product line centers around the Open-i Product Family. The Open-i® hardware line enables customers to remotely monitor and manage every device or element within a building from a single, simple, and secure web interface. The Open‐i is vendor-neutral and works seamlessly with digital & analog signals as well as industry standard serial protocols to create a solution that is scalable, upgradable, secure and as effective tomorrow as it is today.

The Open-i Product Family as a complete network & infrastructure management system:

Remote Monitoring & Management

The Open-i® hardware helps you monitor and manage your sites with a single, vendor-neutral system.

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Infrastructure Management Software

The IRiS™ platform allows you to receive, collect, source, catalog, and manage data for storage, display, sorting, filtering, reporting and manipulation.

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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Our IRiS Analytics platform allows you to categorize and analyze mission critical data and display it in a simple or complex dashboard to extract valuable insights resulting in more effective operations, cost savings, and increased productivity.

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