Infrastructure Management Software

Simple, organized enterprise-wide management solutions for infrastructure monitoring.

Our mission at IMCI is simple: We build powerful, insightful technology for remote monitoring, management, and control solutions across all industries. Organizing infrastructure data is the key to understanding operational performance, identifying needed improvement, making decisions, and implementing actions. IMCI’s IRiS management software is an intuitive, platform independent (OS, DBMS and Web Browser), web‐based management software that provides secure collection, correlation, reporting, and dissemination of information.

The IRiS Management Software is a secure, browser-independent, web-based platform enabling the seamless collection, translation, reporting, and dissemination of information from an unlimited number of Open-i’s® and their connected sensors, meters, network elements, and facility equipment. IRiS also monitors other vendors’ network elements, security devices, facility equipment, sensors, meters, and infrastructure products that communicate via SNMP.

IRiS readily scales to meet a customer’s operational needs, granting users the ability to remotely monitor, configure, control, and manage any mix of devices, elements, or systems connected to the IRiS platform, and in turn, receive information regarding their operations anytime, anywhere.

Key Functions:

IRiS enables the practical monitoring and control for the following:

  • Power Monitoring & Energy Management
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control
  • Fire & Safety and Physical Security Alarm Monitoring
  • Integrated Building Management
  • Performance Monitoring (intelligent polling engine)
  • Network Element Monitoring
  • Advanced Reporting (Trending, Analytics)

by offering the following capabilities:

  • Receive all incoming events and performance data
  • Organize, store display, and respond to data as needed
  • Share the data with standard industry protocols with other enterprise application and organizations that need it
  • Provide remote configuration, control and management capabilities
  • Provide anytime anywhere access to the data with the thinnest possible client
  • Provide complete vendor and platform independence for the management software OS, DBMS, web browser.
  • Provide built-in, effortless Cyber Security functionality including, data encryption in transit and at rest, centralized authentication, role-based access control and integrated cyber-attack countermeasures.
  • This will allow for remote facility and energy monitoring and management as well as reporting and real-time notifications.


  • Secure access
  • Feature-rich Event Management
  • Browser Independent
  • Intuitive drill-down approach to fault isolation
  • Quick-searchable navigation tree
  • Customizable user interface
  • Intuitive user interface for device configuration
  • Dynamic reception of ongoing events and their updates
  • Support for SNMP trap and Syslog message monitoring and forwarding to multiple hosts
  • Configurable Event Notifications to send to computers and smartphones
  • MIB browser for configuration of third-party devices via SNMP
  • Platform independent - runs on Linux & Windows
  • Compatibility with both next generation and legacy systems

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