Open-i Q100

Q100 - Isometric


The Open-i Q100 is a cost-effective reliable SNMP-based Remote Site Infrastructure Manager for secure monitoring of remote infrastructure.

Open-i Q100 allows you to remotely Monitor, Configure, Control, and Manage (MCCM) facility equipment and network elements. This compact unit is designed to operate in unmanned locations to provide remote customizable configurations of digital, analog (voltage and/ or current) and serial inputs and outputs.

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Open-i enables the practical monitoring and control for:

  • Power Monitoring & Energy Management
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control
  • Fire & Safety and Physical Security Alarm Monitoring
  • Integrated Building Management
  • Performance Monitoring (intelligent polling engine)
  • Network Element Monitoring
  • Advanced Reporting (Trending, Analytics)


  • Collecting data about health and operational status of any facility equipment, network device, energy / power meter and environmental sensors from multitude of manufacturers
  • Mediate / translate the device protocols, some of which may be industry standards while many others are proprietary in nature.
  • Provide trusted cyber security protection and encryption for all data
  • Achieve this with “point, click and configure” ability without the need for programming knowledge.
  • Translate all collected machine level data into a network based standard language, easy to understand.
  • Transmit the vital data, securely, via public or private, wireline or wireless standard communication media


  • Cost effective and vendor-neutral
  • The Open-i Q100 is a cost-effective SNMP-based Network Element Manager, and is specifically designed to aggregate the remote monitoring and management of devices, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Properly scaled and wireless capable
  • The Open-i Q100 offers a right-sized complement of contact inputs, contact outputs, and serial inputs for applications at the outermost edge of the network. Wireless connectivity is available for sites where a direct network connection is not practical.
  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Monitoring and configuration are accomplished through an intuitive browser-independent web-based interface. It is simple to install and easy to use.

Best suited for deployment in:

  • Small Cell Cabinets & Sites
  • Public safety network nodes
  • Branch offices & data closets
  • Rooftop sites
  • Power and utility substations
  • Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVs)


  • Reduces costs by remotely monitoring devices from a single interface and reducing site visits
  • Secure access to connected devices and network elements through any standard web browser
  • Vendor independent platform for easy integration with site devices
  • Decreases overhead by remotely monitoring and controlling the physical environment
  • Providing open, secure, and scalable systems
  • Facilitating reductions of energy consumption and operating costs
  • Robust, modular hardware design
  • Universal Inputs and Outputs
  • This will offer total vendor independence to the end-user to freely select the best devices and sensors for their needs regardless of manufacturer, device and transmission protocols.


  • 19” W x 1.75” H rack mountable
  • Works with IRiS Web-based Management Software and is compatible with other SNMP management software
  • Optional wired or wireless modem
  • NEBS 3 and CE
  • Maximum of 32 physical I/O points
  • Contact and Serial inputs and outputs
  • External temperature sensor
  • Simultaneous event notification to multiple destinations or NOCs
  • Supports multiple communication media types: Ethernet, Dial-up, Serial, Wireless (modem/radio/ satellite)
  • Intuitive web interface (WI) allows remote configuration of Open-i and connected devices
  • Modbus, BACnet, DNP3, TABS, TBOS, DCP2 protocol support

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